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Attirance - Natural Handmade cosmetics 

Head Office
Reg.Nr.: 40003632272
VAT Nr.: LV40003632272
Address: Terbatas str. 14,
Riga, LV-1011, Latvija
Tel: (00371) 67139044
Fax: (00371) 67139045
e-mail: info@attirance.com

Bank: AS SEB Banka
Address: Valnu 11, Riga, LV1050, Latvija
Account: LV83UNLA0050009862511   


Martins Jaunzems

Head of Sales Dept. (DE,LV, RU, EN, FR)

e-Mail: ja@attirance.com

Tel: (00371) 67139187

Fax:(00371) 67186700

Skype: Martins_1981

Atis Liepins

Chairman of the Board (LV, RU, EN)

e-Mail: info@attirance.com

Tel: (00371) 67139044

Fax:(00371) 67139045

Skype: attirance.riga

Inessa Pantelejeva
Business Development Manager (LV, RU, EN)
e-Mail: eg@attirance.com
Tel: (00371) 67139186
Fax:(00371) 67186700
Skype: inessa.pantelejeva
Velga Balode
Business Development Manager (LV, RU, EN)
e-Mail: velga@attirance.com
Tel: (00371) 67686933
Fax:(00371) 67139045
Skype: velga_attirance


Attirance SPA

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 9 – 21
Saturd 10 – 20 
Sunday 10 – 18 

Attirance SPA 
Tērbatas street 14, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia
Tel: +371 67139993




Liga Villa
Business Development Manager (LV, EN, RU)
e-mail:  liga.villa@attirance.com 
Tel: +371 67686938
Fax: +371 67186700
Skype: liga.villa
Girts Gudrits
Business Development Manager (LV, EN, RU)
e-mail: girts@attirance.com
Tel: +371 67186710
Skype: girts.gudrits


New product Cranberry line
New product Rose line
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Attirance | Cosmetic Wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer of Natural Cosmetics!

We are a brand of exclusive natural skin care, hair care cosmetics and fragrances who has developed innovative solutions for customers. We only select the best and the highest quality ingredients like butters, flower and plant extracts & essential oils which truly reflect the beauty of Attirance products for all those who seek physical and emotional comfort, luxury & originality.