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Attirance is a manufacturer of natural cosmetics founded in 2003 offering its products in more than 45 different countries worldwide. We have obtained a wide experience and created special recipes for more than 300 different products. Attirance offers a Franchise business concept that ensures to Attirance partners effective cooperation opportunities, extensive support system, training and long-term profit opportunities. Our Franchise concept has proved to be successful for our partners to develop the Franchise in various countries of the world


 Why choose the Attirance Franchise model?


  • Wide range of products – more than 300  different products.

  • A continuously increasing product range.

  • Strategic business concept fosters a successful product sale in the market

  • Proven profit opportunities - the developed business system ensures a successful sale of cosmetics and guarantees a business profit

  • Manufacturer’s support – product is delivered directly from the manufacturer, thus the business has a cost effective and full marketing support business model.

  • A unified store design worldwide – we provide the creation of the design for all Attirance stores as well as specially designed furniture 

  • Professional and responsive team with a worldwide business experience.

  • Training – customer service, marketing, products;





Attirance has developed a new store concept. 


Franchise store investment level, depending on the level region and store size, excluding the store deposit


Total: 50,000-80,000EUR, which includes:


o   Store design and project

o   Renovatioe

o   Furniture and store interior

o  IT support of the French company „Raymark”, which enable an easy and user-friendly logistics management and flow of goods in the store and warehouse. More about „Raymark” you can find here:

o   Products for the first 1-2 months of in-store trading

o   Attirance speciālist business trip costs for in-store training


  Investment and profit ratios:


o  Profit: 20-50% net per year

o  Return on investment period: 18-24 months No royalities


  Master Franchise benefits Profile opportunities


o  No royalities 

o  Additional discount programmes for the products 

Control over Franchises in the territory 

o IT support of the French company "Reymark", witch enable an easy and user-friendly logistics management and flow of goods in the store and warehouse. More about "Raymark" you can find here



  Profile opportunities 


Create your own retail store chain 

o  Profit from Franchise fees 

Margin from the product sales to subfranchisees 

Online store 

Whole sale profit from:

               Cosmetic store chains


               Spa and cosmetics salons


               Selling in airport "tax-free" areas

              Corporate gifts


For information on becoming Attirance Franchise partner, please contact us or submit the form here.


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# Franchise Become a partner of Attirance and develop your own successful business!
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